The return-on-blockchain-investment (ROBI), that impacts everyone. 

Every product has a story.
Let us tell yours.

ToplTrax is a blockchain powered solution that helps you grow your sustainable brand by bringing your customers closer to the people that make your products possible. 

Unleash the power of blockchain storytelling. 

Create real digital replicas of your products 

Transactions on the blockchain made easy

Transform buyers into brand investors, and grow your impact-driven business.

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Provide the transparency consumers demand through verifiable Traceable Journeys.

Build your supply chain's one source of truth

Compile end-to-end granular information on ToplTrax, to avoid mishaps and mitigate risks in your operations. 

Promote conscious-based purchases and scale growth

Create visual and impactful product stories that customers can verify on the blockchain straight from the store.  

Increase team collaboration and foster accountability

Drive awareness and set your brand apart

Show customers you align with their values by transforming your impact efforts into provable stories.

Allow on-the-ground and in-office teams to collaborate together in one place, increasing supply chain visibility.

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Generate new revenue and funding streams

Leverage greater visibility to identify new potential sources, partnerships, and product offerings.

Leverage a user-friendly blockchain solution

ToplTrax is an intuitive tool that allows anyone across your team to access via mobile or web.  

Drive growth with new revenue & funding streams

Avoid compromised supplies & costly recalls  

Visualize your product journey from origin

Differentiate your product with visual, data-driven stories

Easily create & utilize digital tokens of real-world assets that allow you to trace and track value chain activity.

ToplTrax lowers  blockchain barriers by being intuitive and user-friendly. 

Automatically create Traceable Journeys

Allow consumers to trace every touchpoint along your product’s journey on an immutable, publicly available blockchain.

  • Create product templates with images and descriptions 

  • Add location, personnel and resource descriptions  

  • Upload certifications and roll-up to sustainable development goals

  • Easy to use and friendly UX design

  • Multi-actor participation 

  • Availability on mobile or web  

  • Auto-generated custom QR codes 

  • Shareable and personalized links 

  • Website and product personalized branding

“We are excited to be working with the Topl Solutions team to demonstrate our commitment to impact, transparency and product journey traceability to our global suppliers.”

Raphael Galdini, Ennovie CEO