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"We're excited about a blockchain system for transparency that we can leverage to grow our business and support our customers, while creating impact for cacao farmers and in the cacao industry."

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Easily integrate your current self-certification process(s) to the Topl Blockchain.

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Built on the Topl Blockchain, Topl Traceability is defining and enabling a new, self-certifying traceability. 

Collect, track, and validate any information about your entire value chain without security risks or concerns over data ownership.

Consolidate disassociated data from your different suppliers.

Create verifiable claims and digital history of proven ethical practices for all stakeholders.

Tell the story of your product's journey, from source to store, so you can prove to your customers that you care about people and the planet.

Emily Stone, Founder

The ultimate tracking & tracing for sustainable supply chains

Real-world transactions immediately captured on the Topl Blockchain

Easily interact and transact with all your supply chain players

Real time inventory management made simple

It's your central hub for tracking all actions in a supply chain -  verifying provenance, sustainability, and impact claims.

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